Commissioning a portrait painting with Izabela Venuso – how it works?

Commissioning a portrait painting with Izabela Venuso – how it works

A portrait is so much more than just a picture – it tells a story and gives you and your family something to treasure for years to come.

If you haven’t worked with Izabela Venuso Art before, you might wonder how it works when you commission a portrait painting. So, here’s my six-step process to explain how it works.

Step one – getting to know you and capturing your photo

My first job is to take a photograph of you. I’ll use this photo as my guide when creating your painting, so it’s important we capture an image that you’re happy with. We’ll organise a date and time that’s convenient for you – the session takes roughly one-two hours.

It’s best if I can take the photograph at your home. You’re welcome to choose another location but, in my experience, people are most comfortable and relaxed in familiar surroundings – and that’s what we want!

We’ll have a chat, so I can get to know more about you and your interests. Then we’ll work out the best position for you to sit/stand and decide what objects to include as part of the photograph – we want to include items that reflect your personality. I can provide as much or as little direction as you need, so don worry if you’re struggling for ideas – vision is something I’ve mastered over the years!

If we capture the right image on the first visit, great! If not, don’t worry – I’ll come back for a second visit and take the photo then.

This step usually takes a couple of weeks altogether, depending on your availability. I’ll fit around you.

Step two – selecting your photo

I’ll print the final photo(s) for you to review. They’re always printed in black and white – this is because the colours in photographs are different to the colours in painting, so it avoids distraction from the image itself.

With the photo agreed, we’ll talk about what size you’d like the painting to be and where it’s going to be displayed. You can always send me a photo of the room if that’s easier. I’m not doing this to be nosy! It’s to make sure the painting will fit the space and complement the décor of your chosen room.

Step three – quote and contract

I’llgive you a quote for the job and let you know the timescales, so you know when to expect the finished painting. I’ll also ask for a deposit and ask you to sign a contract.

In most cases, clients also ask me to choose a frame to match the mood of the painting. If you’d like your painting framed, I’ll provide an estimate of cost for the frame – this will then be charged with the final amount at the end of the job. You can decide about this later on if you prefer.

Step four – art in progress

Within the next few days, I’ll prepare the canvas and start the process of painting.

The portrait process usually takes two to three months (depending on the size of the painting).

Clients often ask – “Can I see the painting as it progresses?” I want you to enjoy the experience of the big reveal, so it’s better to wait until it’s finished -otherwise, you won’t get the full effect.

When the painting is complete, I’ll carefully select the right frame (if you’ve asked for one).

Step five – the big reveal

When the big day arrives, I’ll deliver the finished painting to you at your home. Seeing my clients’ eyes light up when I show them their painting is my favourite part!

I’llhave copied the original photograph exactly, but if there are slight tweaks/changes you’d like me to make to the painting just let me know.

Step six – closing the project

When the painting has been safely delivered, I’ll send my final invoice. I would also be very appreciative of a testimonial and a couple of images of the picture hanging in pride of place. Then, it’s yours to enjoy!

As a portrait artist, I’ve been lucky to paint people of all walks of life in Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond. If you’re looking to hire a portrait artist for yourself, your family or friends, please get in touch.


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